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ChicoNet Dialup accounts, check your E-mail here. Use this link if your email address is yourusername@chiconet.com See below for login instructions.

Users with virtual sites or sites hosted on our servers click here to check your e-mail. For example, if the email address is yourusername@yourdomain.com Click here to login, or click on the image below.

Administration tools for advanced virtual hosts and sites hosted on our servers. Click here to administer the email account for your domain.

Getting Started

Logging In: All sessions begin at the Login screen. Before you can use any of the webmail features, you must connect to your account using the mailbox name. For example to check a mailbox called info@chiconet.com, you would enter info@chiconet.com as the username and the password for that mailbox in the password field. Once you've filled in these fields, click the "Login" button to proceed.

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